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Elon Musk initiates mass layoffs on Twitter and closes headquarters “temporarily”

Earthquake in the new Twitter Elon Musk. In addition to triggering mass layoffs among 7,500 people, the new owner of the social network has proceeded to “temporarily” close the platform’s offices in San Francisco (USA). Notice arrived in the mail first thing in the morning.

Specifically, they added from the new address, all access to headquarters will be closed To help ensure the safety of every worker, In addition to systems and customer data.” In this sense, the new management headed by the owner of Tesla justified in mail sent to employees that the large number of layoffs are part of “an attempt to lead Twitter to the path of profitability, we will go through a difficult process of Reduce our workforce globally”.

According to ‘The Washington Post’, which provided more details about Elon Musk’s way of life, those who keep their jobs will receive a notification in the company’s email while those who have been fired will find an email in their personal account.

strong restructuring

What happened on Friday is the culmination of repeated requests from Musk Expensive cost cuts and impose a New Code of Ethics across the entire company. All this, the week the businessman proceeded to fire the CEO of the social network and key managers in the financial and legal spheres. In addition to exits in other departments such as marketing and human resources.

As Reuters explained, shortly after the email was sent to all employees by Elon Musk, employee boxes had already been seen and hundreds of people used internal Slack channels to say goodbye to their colleagues.



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