Uffizi gallery director Eike Schmidt sets new email rules in Italy

Uffizi gallery director Eike Schmidt sets new email rules in Italy


Eike Schmidt has set out his rules for email etiquette in a message to staff.

After seven years strolling Italy’s flagship museum, the Uffizi, its administrators are honestly fed up with inappropriate punctuation.

Bold characters are out, even though underlining is nonetheless desirable the place appropriate for phrases or salient phrases.

“You have to additionally keep away from total sentences in capitals,” Mr Schmidt says.

There used to be no reference to emojis but, judging from the tone of the circular, whole with its way of life ministry heading, there would be little room for them either.

“It was once the dialog of the day for many employees in the corridors, at the water cooler or in the café,” Uffizi Galleries spokesperson Tommaso Galligani informed the BBC by way of email, with no trace of a persona out of place.

As workforce at the Uffizi grew to become their ideas to Christmas, this used to be a reminder that they have been representing a ministry of way of life organization in the metropolis of Dante, viewed the father of the Italian language.

Mr Schmidt’s major bugbear is immoderate punctuation, now not in contrast to UK baby-kisser Thérèse Coffey who objected to the so-called “Oxford comma”.























“Where punctuation is worried it is critical to keep away from altogether, as ever solely the place possible, exclamation marks, whilst with each query marks and exclamation marks solely one is integral at the stop of a sentence with no repetition.”

Mr Galligani stated that most body of workers cherished the round and many colleagues smiled, however he additionally believed there had been some who did no longer have tons to snicker about.

“The tendency to reflect onconsideration on e mail exchanges as some thing absolutely informal, like a chat on WhatsApp, and as a direct outlet for thoughts of all variety is now rampant, and I accept as true with it was once the director’s intention to include this complicated trend.”

For Benjamin Weissman, lecturer in cognitive science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the US, Eike Schmidt’s guidelines are an strive to withstand a gradual integration of factors that have made text-based verbal exchange nearer to the way human beings speak.

“It quantities to telling humans they can solely communicate in monotone or with a impartial expression. In addition to any commonplace problems of employers controlling the way personnel communicate, this seems to preclude their expressive flexibility,” he informed the BBC by using email.

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