DJ Nano: “If I had to write a song to define current politics, it would be like a rain of knives”

Beginning of the 2000s: In a small town in Cantabria, Ambero, a 16-year-old girl, climbs the stage of a famous and legendary nightclub. A white tracksuit, wide T-shirts and a T-shirt showing the navel, as they still prevent her from being pierced. The Music Background: Gold, good. “Castles in the Sky”, “Let the Light Shine in”, “The Promise”, “The Kiss”, “Désenchantée”... The great songs of that time followed one another between the lights and the violet light, the great songs that today, in 2022 and for 20 years, José Luis Garaña de los Cobos (Madrid, 1977), better known as DJ Nano, has been playing all over the world non-stop.

“The electronic music He gave me so much, practically everything I had, Says the famous DJ sitting in a conference room and wearing a hat, jeans and a trench coat. DJ Nano hasn’t stopped since he discovered at the age of 16 that it was those sounds that made him shake. The same as those with them on Saturday December 10 and 17 in Ifema (Madrid) He will also make millions of people of all ages shake with his show “Cuento de Navidad”, in which he will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Oro Viejo, the brand with which he reviews the history of electronic music.

some 500 square meters of transparent LED screens and a grid surround the artist and 3D renderinglike a kind of hologram, they will illustrate an event of many Christmases which this year has not spared publishing media to create a production in which Charles Dickens and the most powerful music combine.

“I’ve been doing it for 20 years This party has become a beast. People will watch, apart from watching and listening to a music show that tours the history of electronic music Optical sight with hitherto unused technology and very high production‘, indicates the DJ, who already has a ‘sold out’ tag for the two dates.

And experience backs it up. At 45 years old, DJ Nano has traveled the world with his sounds and doesn’t plan to stop. “I will do this work so that the body can last“, he asserts, realizing that after the pandemic, people want to be ‘disbibor’.” You can see that there is desire. Although we did shows in pandemic periods, this is the first thing we do with complete freedom, at the time we got the tickets they sold out very quickly. Oro Vigo is a highly anticipated event.”

Drugs and rock and roll

People of all ages, “from early 20’s to over 60”, and even parents with children will be the ones to fill the Madrid Fair in favor of always up-to-date developments. Without restrictions and contrary to what many think in a healthy and eager to have fun. “The people who judge electronic music are the ones who know nothing about this business and industry. Talking about drugs in 1987, with reference to the Gaza Strip, was normal… There were drugs, excesses, light and smoke. This is not the case. Electronic music is in society, in films, advertisements or in productions by people like Alejandro Sanz, Muse or Coldplay. It transports millions of peopleDJ Nano explains.

And no one can say that they didn’t dance to the theme songs of “Oro Viejo” on some occasions. “I don’t think there are more people drugged or drunk at an electronic music festival than at a rock and roll festival,” he says.

Drugs and prejudices aside, this a fan of Antonio Vegafather of a 10-year-old boy and innovator of dozens of projects, Broadcaster, writer… He has come to travel to Japan to give a concert and return the same day so as not to miss an iota of his family life. That is, whoever would have thought. “I had a turning point when I started touring internationally.. My son was young and one day he got lost the first time he swam. So I decided not to go on tour for a month again,” he says. In my day, in addition to working in my studio at home, if I don’t have a lot of work to do, I’m lucky to be able to take my son to school and pick him up too, which is something someone who works in an office can’t do.

Because even though his life is characterized by a frantic rhythm, like the lyrics of his songs, DJ Nano knew how to combine his passion with everyday tasks, despite the fact that he missed a few things. “I’ve never gone out to a party with my friends, and I don’t know what making a bottle ishe comments.

The history of dance music in Spain cannot be understood without this DJ figure, who has worked with the greatest, on this occasion, in the “Quinto de Navidad”, with Eric Price himself. “If I die now, there will be nothing left for me to doI consider myself a lucky man who has had a busy and hard life, but I am very lucky, I have done more things than average, I do not want to die, but I will be more than happy,” he says, and no wonder.

Rain of knives

And although it would seem that the artist’s life is simply connected with music and family, he is aware of the current reality and has his own opinion. “If i had to make a tune for current policy It would be complete nonsense, it would look like a volley of knivesHe comments, adding that “the politics of the moment rather than building is to smash what the next door did to make a hole, I don’t care for one or the other.” I’m so disappointed. I don’t know if this happens all over the world, but it’s catastrophic in this country. I’m sure there are great politicians everywhere, but it feels like war. I feel ashamed“.

Although many unions encourage accompanying politicians to parties or election campaigns, DJ Nano is clear: “I would never play in a political campaign. I’ve played in the town hall in my city or read the advertisement in my neighborhood, but I will from One order or the other. They’re issues that need to be taken care of, not because fans are lost, much less, but because fans won’t understand.”

for this reason, DJ Nano defines himself as an energetic person, very messy and very emotionalsomething recognizable by fire on his bases, though he himself is unclear about it.

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