Decathlon’s ultimate marathon running shoes

Decathlon’s sports equipment design and distribution brand presents its “Kiprun KS900” model for women and men, a running shoe designed to cover long distances, with good cushioning and stability, and proven durability of up to 1,000 km.

These shoes belong to the Kiprun 900 range, the highest class of Decathlon shoes, and they incorporate Mfoam technology, which guarantees cushioning, comfort and constant stability on the stride, even in long races.

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The Kiprun KS900 is designed for runners who consider these key factors when selecting shoes for training, racing and marathon runs.

In addition, the shape of the insole, which is slightly wider than other Kiprun models, allows for a greater contact surface with the ground, which increases the stability of the footline when running thanks to a better distribution of impacts, especially over long distances.

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