Cortilandia activists attack from Madrid Drama in Cortilandia

activists They throw paint at Cortylandia To protest the agri-food model. Four Futuro Vegetal activists threw paint at the bridge Children’s show Cortylandia From El Corte Inglés in the center of the capital, Madrid. And they protested against it because the activists themselves say it is Directly responsible for the current climate emergency.

Activists protested using Fire extinguishers for paint colors near this stadium. They demanded an end to Support for the livestock industry and employment From that money to transition to an agricultural, plant-based diet that is both socially and environmentally responsible.

In addition, one of the activists launched the message “You can’t sell a family photo while harming the future of our daughters, we don’t want more facelifts,” referring to this company and Children’s show in which they were. He ended with a strong message in which he made it clear that it was him Action must be taken as soon as possible “Institutions and companies must take responsibility for the damage they have done to our planet, we need strong measures now,” an activist judged.

message display

The company added itself after what happened The damage was cleanup only And that they’re already done with the return to normalcy that kids display every year A tradition of over 35 years. From the organization, they made sure of that Everything is ready and permits are maintained normally.

Attack on the works

It has been several months since climate activists have attacked various institutions, memorials, businesses or shows around the world. This week I was against a children’s show, but recently they did it at a museum Prado in the Community of Madrid.

October was a dark month for the art world. Historically, there have been many operations that were performed Versus different artworks of an iconic nature, but in recent years there have been noticeably intensified Measures to keep it safe. Notwithstanding, the ease with which it can be used in activity seems still to be a major problem, and there are indeed many who anticipate it, though there is no greater evil to regret it yet, This trend will end in shame.

Below are some of the pieces that have been subjected to these attacks

1- La GiocondaLeonardo Da Vinci

Not only is it one of the most famous paintings in the world, but it also opens attacks against art for this reason. else May 29 A man went to the Louvre Museum in Paris to throw a cake at work while chanting statements calling for protecting the planet from climate change.

2. SpringBocelli

On July 22, two more people stuck their hands on this painting in the Uffizi Gallery, holding up a banner that read “Ultima Generazione without gas, without carbon”.

3. Massacre in KoreaPablo Picasso

The October 9 This work, which is on display at the National Gallery of Victoria, in Melbourne, was the victim of yet another attack when two activists from Extinction Rebellion They would stick to it and hold up a banner that read “Climate Chaos = War + Famine”.

4- SunflowerVan Gogh

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The first attack this year in which liquid was thrown at the work (particularly the famous Heinz tomato soup), which is in the National Gallery, in London. It happened on October 14, when the two activists from Just stop the oil They clung to the wall beside the painting, exclaiming “What is worth more, art or life? Is it worth more than food? Is it worth more than justice?” , after dumping the liquid on the work.

5- Les MulesClaude Monet

else 23 OctFour activists ‘last generation’ Dressed in reflective vests, they covered a frame of this series of paintings with mashed potatoes before sticking to the floor of the room at the Paprini Museum in Germany, while chanting phrases such as, “More and more people silently refuse to accept the progressive destruction and endangerment of human life on our planet.” “.

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