Cinema | Ruggero Deodato, director of ‘Cannibal Holocaust’, dies

Italian manager Ruggero Deodato, one of the pioneers of Italian B-series horror cinema and author of such cult films as “Cannibal Holocaust”He died in Rome at the age of 83, as revealed today on social media by his friend and colleague Sergio Martino.

Deodato (Potenza, 1939), which He started out as an assistant director with the legendary Roberto RosselliniHe then went on to work with Italian B-film directors such as Sergio Corbucci and Antonio Margheretti, before making his debut behind the camera in 1964 with “Ursus, el Terror del Kirghisi,” according to local media.

In the 70s, he began to combine work in television commercials with films as diverse as the erotic thriller “Pleasure Wave” or the criminal thriller “One is born a man, the other dies a policeman” until He rose to fame with the violent ‘Cannibal Trilogy’, which began in 1977 with “The Last of the Cannibal World” and ended 1985 with “Hell Live”.

It was the second movie in this series, “Cannibal Holocaust”, which gave him the greatest popularity And that over time it became a cult horror tape, featuring the non-simulated killing of animals causing strong controversy in the country and ending up in court.

The movie that won damn fame, It tells the story of Professor Monroe, who travels to Brazil in search of four mysteriously missing reporters. And he finds the pictures recorded by these people, in which their brutality against the natives is seen, who will take revenge by killing and devouring them.

In addition to It cost him a four-month prison sentenceCannibal Holocaust inspired an entire B-series horror genre.

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In the 1990s, he rose to television fame with the series “Los chicos del muro”, and subsequently His cinematic activity was declining He is currently collaborating on a column in Nocturno magazine detailing his golden age in cinema.

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