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the New Year’s Eve from 2021, antenna 3 Score a goal by giving “sorpasso” to TVE-1 And it became the most watched series during the chimes. your secret? Well, you made it happen, on New Year’s Eve, half of Spain has been speculating for weeks The clothes you will wear for that special night Christina Bedrush, in charge of grappling with the Atresmedia audience since 2104. The presenter’s “appearance”, usually chosen with her stylist friend Josie, has become a tradition, almost like nougat or Christmas carols.

This year, moreover, there are double expectations, because The “Zapeando” collaborator is expected to confirm her pregnancy live during the chimes. At the moment, however, it seems that on this occasion Pedroche will choose “body panel”But do you remember how she surprised the public with her outfits in previous years? Here we review it.

2021: Museum piece

Instead of a completely new dress like every year, Pedroche wore a piece from the museum of designer Manuel Piña, who died in 1994.”I am an infinite insect about to be bornshe joked on her Instagram account. The look “had a futuristic vibe made” of iridescent perforated taffeta, with a metallic finish and two grommets providing geometric volume as a beetle shell, which was her defunct trademark ” According to the museum. Also striking is the winged cape (from Buj Studio), the helmet and pointed silver XXL boots by Manuel Albarrán.

2020: Crystals and Quilts

Pedro del Hierro signed this outfit which included a short white dress encrusted with crystals, matching high-heeled (but aquamarine) boots and a sparkling headpiece. But if that doesn’t attract enough attention, the final touch is the most groundbreaking: a Nordic quilt as a coverall Or the cape, a very direct reference to the long days of confinement at home that the pandemic forced us into.

2019: Suit Statue

Bedrush put aside the transparent sheets we are used to, and for 2019 we opted for a ‘look’ that winked more at art than fashion: it was Sculpture suit. Inspired by Roman mythology, the costume was created by a painter and sculptor Manuel whistle And designer Josie, art director since 2015, created it during the presenter’s New Year’s Eve show. The dress alluded to the goddess Venus and kintsugi, the Japanese art of rebuilding damaged objects with gold.

2018: Controversy

2018 costume, sort of Bikini with flowers in pink and purple colors, was heavily commented on, but because it got into controversy. Signed by the Tom-Hom brand, but she was Accused of plagiarism And to be inspired by the wedding dress that supermodel Laetitia Casta wore on the couture runway in 1999.

2017: Two dresses

To lengthen the expectations in the face of the mystery of Bedroche’s dress, the presenter wore two very different dresses on New Year’s Eve. The second was Transparent jumpsuit with lace and Chantilly motifs Designed by Hervé Moreau, Artistic Director of Pronovias.

2016: From art to superheroes

“I’m a superhero,” Bedrosch commented on New Year’s Eve 2016. Why? Undoubtedly, the corset she was wearing, accompanied by the most transparent tulle skirt and hat Sweater with crystal embroidered stars and bohemian crystal ribbons. Although this Pronovias dress is also inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s work, The Starry Night.

2015: Mermaid Cut

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Pronovias mermaid beaded dress More than 20,300 crystals, would mark the line of transparencies Pedroche has been wearing since then on New Year’s Eve. It took more than 350 hours of work to complete. The later 2017 jumpsuit will have many similarities to this ‘look’.

2014: The Starting Pistol

Bidroche made his first appearance in Belles la Sexta, in a black dress that he was already betting on some Translucent films were not very common on television But this, seen from a perspective perspective, is the most humbling of knowing what happens next. From Charro Ruiz Ibiza.

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