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Chanel: “It was said that I was a doll. No, my dear, I am in charge.”

In recent months we have asked ourselves: After EurovisionWhere did Chanel Terrero go?

It’s been a few months of crazy, in an artist build. Because I was just born. I crawl. I never stop working, thinking about what I want and doing meditation. To discover myself, in the end, because I am used to playing characters. I wasn’t at home getting my nails done.

s. tokAnd the Is it the progress of your first album?

R was found. Yes, a little pill of things to come. We are in the process of creation and weakness. columns Latin, Anglo and Urban. There is a Cuban core, from the Caribbean. Water, what to say in words. who – which flow Cuban. This combination determines tokas specified Slovakia Mo.

Q: You lived in Cuba until you were four years old and you are returning to the country. There must be emotional and musical baggage.

R was found. And taste the food! I grew up with urban music: Gloria Estefan, Celia Cruz, Los Van Van and Orishas are my great references.

s. in tok He appears as a co-author with eight other names. This is common today, but could it explain why so many people need to compose a song?

R was found. Listen, I don’t know, because I’m new to this, but it’s my first time entering a composing studio with other people, in Miami. Imagine new and fun. I have a very present little girl and am drawn to everything to do with learning, having fun … And professionalism, because we work.

Q: A song for the World Cup in Qatar.

R was found. It’s for the Spain team. It is not a World Cup song, but a support song of choice. Hue is important.

Q: Qatar is a country that does not fully understand sexual diversity, which is a sensitive aspect for you, coming from a background Eurovan Very related to the LGTBI+ community. Does it cause you any inconvenience?

R was found. It is inconvenient to read news headlines in which I am belittled and even judged, when I have said my principles are so clear. On my team, there are people from the community, and in my video, there are two girls kissing and I wear whatever I want. In Qatar there are no human rights and I understand the controversy. If it is possible to go to Qatar, if I finally decide to go, I am clear about who I am and will not change anything.

Q: In which aspect of the composition tok Share?

R was found. In the message in particular. And I have to say we composed the song on April 16th, and I already mentioned about “Iniesta’s recording of the goal”. It’s the first song I’m a part of as a co-author, and it came from a Time difference, in Miami & mldr; It was as if the stars lined up.

P. So, they did not think about football when they composed it. And what do they want to express that “touch” and “rebound”?

R was found. It was an empowering song, and the tactile thing for Gio (Giovanni Fernandez) showed up. I like it when he says “everyone is crazy about this bounce,” which can be read as what is expected of me. and “I’m in charge, Dad, I make no mistake.” Because it was said I was a doll & mldr; No, my love, I’m in charge, I make no mistake.

Q: Would you say you are in control of your career?

R was found. I am the mother of a lion. I’m a lioness by the zodiac sign and I have this commanding thing. Obviously, I have a strong squad, and I hear you, I’m not a tyrant.

P. Is the conclusion that a music idol has no substance, and is being manipulated by the industry, is it something that is done more with women?

R was found. 100%! It is something that is gradually changing. We make it change it’s important.

s. After Benidorm Fest and Eurovision, have you ever burned your mobile phone, with Twitter inside?

R was found. obsessed! I’m young and I’m hooked. I am the owner and mistress of my networks. There are things that have hurt me a lot, but eventually I come home, reach out to my foundations and am sure of what to do.

Q: What is the worst?

R was found. Read racist, sexist, and mldr threats and attacks; Attacks on my person.

“From a very young age, I have been educated very strongly in freedom of decision. With embodiment, the ‘404 error’ is in the person who receives the command that way, not in me.”

P. Tanxugueiras and Rigoberta Bandini are presented as different profiles of a feminist, while I was the sexual character.

R was found. My head still explodes when I remember all of that. But as a lion mother and a woman who leads, I choose to dress like this and have a great time on stage, feeling free to do whatever I want. This word is very important.

Q: Does it bother you?

R was found. It’s very far from the reality I live in & mldr; From a young age, I was educated very strong in freedom of decision-making. With the appointment, I’m so sorry, but Error 404 It’s in the person who receives it that way, not in me.

Q: By the way, did you just move from Calcutta With Rigoberta?

R was found. not yet! I wish I can do that! He wrote to invite me when he had the concert at the Wizink Center, but had a video rehearsal. Now it’s back to work and I’d love to go. If I could, I’d go, 100%.

P. When you see what’s going on around you, without posting an album, with only a couple of songs, doesn’t that sound a bit strong?

R was found. I assume. I’m a woman who lives in the moment, and sometimes I just don’t get to see the whole picture. I realize when they tell me.

Q: Do you think you have your own voice, or are you on your way to having your own?

R was found. Well I do not know. If I’m being honest, it’s a question about when the album will be finished. Right now, I’m looking for things that define who I am, that I can advocate on stage and that I enjoy.

P. And this album, when will it arrive?

R was found. I think next year. I don’t know if I can say many things …

“A passing phenomenon? It doesn’t frighten me at all. It can happen or not. There are things that are not in my hands.”

Q: Composers such as Leroy Sanchez, one of the participants in Slovakia Mo s Tok.

R was found. Yes 100%. Kyle Hanagami, choreographer and artistic director, and Leroy are my angels. And I’m in all the songwriting sessions-

P. Next summer there will be a tour of course.

R was found. I can’t wait to sit on stage, to the fullest, and give concerts. I am a person with energy and direct flesh.

P. Festivals or private parties?

R was found. We are still closing it.

P. Inside, do you fear that this is a temporary phenomenon?

R was found. It doesn’t scare me at all. It may or may not happen. There are things that are not in my power, but in those things, give me the best of me and my work, I will be there 1000%. The only thing I ask of the universe is to continue to dedicate myself to what I’ve been doing since I was 16, art.

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