CEO scam: This is the new scam that worries companies

Electronic security It is in the crosshairs of all companies, especially those that are more technical and those that operate more in the digital world. Spain It is the third country in the world with the highest number of cyberattacks, after only Japan and Turkey.

Head of the Remote Crimes Department in the Arab Republic of Egypt UCO (Central Operating Unit) of Civil Guardconfirms that cybercrime It grows amazingly fast. “No other criminal field is growing at this rate & rdquor;. the new domain Corporations, corporations, and even government entities have reached out to this type of criminal.

One of the crimes that can affect business people in the same way, although less well known, is that known as CEO scam. In it, fraudsters contact the workers responsible for managing the economic and financial affairs of the company in question, informing them of the necessity. Pay a bill or make a transfer bank account of the company.

New scam targeting companies

These types of scams follow a process that criminals do carefully. First, They call the victim through a email or call. The method they use is to impersonate A Senior officer in the company To grab the employee’s attention immediately.

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In the message or call, the fake boss asks for the victim’s help to carry out a bank operation that is eligible for “Very Urgent”. The Department of Homeland Security explains that in these types of letters, there are terms such as “Secrecy” and expressions like “The company trusts you”, pressure on the employee.

Furthermore, before taking any action, cyber criminals make sure of this Research and know the company in detail. In this way, they try to avoid arousing suspicion. They pay a lot of attention to issues like what the company does and how it is organized and they study tax regulations in depth.

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