Cadiz Horse Riding | The “wounded” Snowman takes over from the polar bear of the Cavalcade of Cadiz

the Kings parade Cadiz was once again the protagonist of this year’s away from the Andalusian city inflatable snow virus sequence “damaged” polar bear since last year.

During the caravan celebration, The character inflation system failed and resulted in some pretty nice visuals Which quickly spread through social networks, in the same way as those extras that are shown in 2022 with the head of the broken bear costume.

The parade workers tried to restore the snowman, who appeared before the audience positioned to watch the scene, in his human form, like a person without much desire to restore his verticality. The attempts were unsuccessful and resulted in a scene that ended up looking very similar to the one a year ago. In the end, without being able to achieve this, The Snowman has been removed from the course.

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The one who could not finally accompany him was the polar bear with a crooked neck, despite the fact that he was in his last weeks A collection of autographs was organized in the city to request your attendance. Given the city council’s refusal, a neighborhood association even promoted He’s back on the city streets, this time with a neck brace.

It was the Cadiz parade this year An increase in investment To replenish characters and increase the number of candies thrown.

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