Bolsonaro supporters try to take over Congress in protest against Lula

Brazilian police fired tear gas at hundreds of supporters of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro who were demonstrating in front of Congress in Brasilia, a week after the left-wing party. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva An AFP photographer confirmed that he took over the leadership of the country.

The perimeter of the congress was cordoned off by the authorities, but Bolsonaro supporters who refused to accept Lula’s election removed the security fences and dozens of them climbed the slope of the building to occupy the roof. Protesters also stormed the parking lot of the Planalto Palace.

The demonstrators had gathered on Sunday in front of the army headquarters in the administrative center of Brasília, and marched to the Ministries Square, where the incidents took place. Protesters also stormed the parking lot of the Planalto Palace.

In images that protesters themselves posted to social networks, they had walked into Congress and were going to break into the building’s real estate.

Those close to Bolsonaro They demand the intervention of the armed forces Lula’s arrest.

former Minister of Justice, flavio dino, He said he had made contacts with the conservatives to address the “anti-democratic actions” that occurred in the country recently, in reference to the demonstrations rejecting Lula’s inauguration.

We want the law to prevail and there are no crimes. I’m in Brasilia. I hope there will be no violence and the police will not have to act. He said that “the seizure of power can only happen in 2026, after new elections.”

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