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Betis: An affectionate meeting between Mourinho and Canales at Benito Villamarne

sYou hear his way of understanding football and life, Sergio channels He always tries to see the bright side of things and get some kind of lessons in everything that happens to him throughout his career. Even in difficult situations, like the one he had to live with, being a boy of only 19 years old, when he got to Real Madridmore than a decade ago, to put himself under orders Jose Mourinho.

The Santander native’s idea when he was recruited by the white team was to stay on loan for at least one more season in Racing de Santander. But she was his Mourinhowho came to say that he saw in it channels To a “boy with things from Gotti”, who insisted on joining his pre-starter period and staying on the team, despite the competition. A decision that was not subsequently adopted with the chances of playing.

channels He only played 15 matches Real Madrid, only six players as starters, and got some “arrows” from the Portuguese, with whom it is difficult to tell whether his statements were caused by anger or simple verbal tactics to motivate his players. “I didn’t like channelsI can tell to the face of every player playing how it works,” came to say mo After replacing the Santander player in the first half in a match against Murcia.

Canales and Mo, only one season together

The professional relationship between them ended after the 2010-11 season, and she is the only one in sergio In the Santiago Bernabeu. But he noticed the situation well, and changed his work routine, showing that he was a fit footballer for the elite. And he recently admitted: “I realized that with what I did, I didn’t give it up” channels a Brand In a recent interview. And after more than a decade, he was able to prove his learning Mourinho.

He was already one of his best team in olympic rome Last week, but yesterday, in Benito VillamarneAnd the channels He was the goal scorer Pellegrini And the footballer through whom all the moves of Verdiblancos’ attack passed. After the match, congratulate him Mourinho, who had the opportunity to speak with him for a few minutes in the mixed zone, in conversation with affectionate gestures on both sides. “You are very strong,” the Italy coach told the captain of the third Baltic team.

It is hard to tell if the high demand the Portuguese showed with their young channels In the Real Madrid That was fair, but the truth is that it helped Santander learn and improve. After reconstructing and regenerating himself after his three serious knee injuries, he was found in Pettis The level I’ve always been looking for. A football full of talent and effort which yesterday, after more than a decade, had to suffer a caliber Jose Mourinho.



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