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Baking Soda: Your Home Cleaning Ally That’s Abused

Sometimes we rush to clean up because of lack of time or because we don’t know what it could be. Today we want to show you five simple hacks that you may not have fallen into before getting started and that’s it Cleaning is very hard work For which you also have to know what to do if you don’t want to damage your furniture instead of leaving it in top condition. Take a paper and a pencil Here are our five tips.

To clean the surfaces of the house you have to do it From top to bottom and from left to rightalways in the “S” shape, It sounds silly, but it has its logic. If we pull the dirt from the surface to the end, it will be easier to collect, and if we do it from the bottom up, the dirt will spread much more. Sometimes we don’t realize much when we muddy the house that the most logical things are the ones that give the best results.

Sodium bicarbonate

As we have told you on more than one occasion, baking soda is a great ally. What we have to do with it is a little dough to which we add water little by little. We stir until we get a dough of the thickness we want. It can be used as a scrub for surfaces such as chairs, tables or plateaus €We use it with a brush or rag to help us remove what’s left. We can also use it in pans, to clean the oven or microwave, and let it run for a few minutes, yes. If we also add a little lemon, it will leave a pleasant aroma.

magic erasers

It’s a product that can be obtained from supermarkets and helps clean walls, countertops or ceramic stoves. It is very cheap and we can find it in both lumps and sponges which can be easily broken to use only what we need. After using these magic erasers, it is best, with the help of a baby wipe, to remove everything that remains from the surface we are cleaning.

How to clean the blender easily?

A very quick and easy trick is to use your own mixers or bars. What we have to do is Pour some hot water into the bowl Where do we usually beat eggs? Then a little hiton me. Turn on the blender and clean itself with a mixture of soap and water. It also works with non-electric rods that we use as in the previous case.

Read the instructions!

Often times we buy a product and then are not entirely convinced that it served us what we were looking for. It is important Read the back of what we buyThere are some cleaning products that show in their instructions how to use them in the best way, and how to use them. Sometimes we don’t know how long we have to leave the item we brought home to work or we don’t know very well what surfaces you’re working on, that’s why it’s so important to read the instructions before we start cleaning our furniture, and what’s more, if we don’t use the right products We could end up spoiling our house, and that’s not what we want.

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