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Argentinos Juniors campaign to sign Cristiano Ronaldo: “Al-Bishu Al-Bishu”

Argentine Juniors I started a recruitment campaign Cristiano Ronaldo. How they read it It sounds crazy and something out of the hands of the Buenos Aires Economic Team, but the illusion has skyrocketed.

with the hashtag #ElBichoAlBichoArgentinos Juniors fans launched a campaign on social networks that took on more serious connotations when the club itself joined. After qualifying for the next game Libertadores CupArgentinos Juniors is looking for a star.

Even the club’s account went up Picture of the Portuguese player wearing the Argentinos Juniors jersey. Cristiano isn’t having his best moment at Manchester United and will turn 38 on February 5, but until then he doesn’t seem likely to sign for the Argentina national team.

precedent Louis surewhich Nacional fans did with a similar campaign, makes fans not father bug (That’s the nickname for Argentinos Juniors, hence the campaign), but in Suarez’s case, the emotional factor came into play, because he’s a Nacional fan.



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