Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler has been accused of sexually assaulting a minor in the 1970s

American musician Steven Tyler was indirectly involved in a lawsuit sexual assault, as a result of an alleged affair he had with a minor during the 1970s.

The lawsuit, filed by Julia Holcomb in Los Angeles, does not explicitly name Tyler, but according to Rolling Stone, Holcombe has announced his audition with the Aerosmith singer in the past The lawsuit cites the memoirs of the musician himself.

The magazine highlights this in his autobiography, Tyler He tells that he was about to marry a “teenage girlfriend.” And that her parents signed a paper so that he is the owner of the custody and therefore not be arrested.

Holcomb He claimed to have had a three-year relationship with the singer when she was 16 and he was 25.whom they met after Aerosmith played a concert in Portland, Oregon, in 1973.

in women writing She accuses the singer of “coercing” and “persuading” her. To believe that the abuse was related to a romantic love affair.

She tells how Tyler took her to W.’s hotel “Involved with her in various criminal sexual acts” On the night they met, despite knowing the applicant’s age.

Holcomb describes it a year later The singer will get his guardianship by promising his parents that they will give him a better life than they could have given, but Tyler didn’t keep his promises, and instead assaulted her and supplied her with drugs and alcohol.

The woman explains that too At the age of 17 she became pregnant with Tyler and that he pressured her into having an abortion against her will.

Once this happens The young woman broke up with him She traveled to Portland to put that experience behind her and start a new life.

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Holcomb also claims to have published Tyler’s memoirs It had a negative impact on your life and that the abuse he suffered is portrayed as a “love affair”.

The magazine claims they tried to contact Tyler’s rep but that He did not make any statement.

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