A woman has been arrested after the bodies of two children were found in a freezer in a town in southern France

The police arrested a forty-year-old woman, on suspicion of killing two newborn children, and hiding them in the refrigerator of the house in which she lived, in the small town of Bedouin in the southeast, near Cote D. ‘I visit. According to police leaks, the first warning was issued by the daughter of the detainee, unofficially announcing that her mother had given birth to her first child three years ago alone in her home. It is suspected that the children hidden in the family’s refrigerator may be the children of the detainee who is undergoing urgent psychiatric analysis. Standard Related News No life in prison for a mother for killing her child because she didn’t have time to have boyfriend David Sanchez de Castro Heather Reynolds, 45, strangle her 17-month-old son, according to the court ruling. Outside of several DNA analyzes of the bodies discovered in the freezer in the next few days. The three children of the detainee will be interrogated before the first suspicions of the crime of motherhood are confirmed. The Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is investigating the case, said that autopsies will be conducted on Monday “to determine the causes and consequences of death,” without giving further details about the children’s gender or their relationship to the detainee.

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