10 Tinder keys to flirting this Christmas

love in time Tinder It sounds simple, but it can be complicated. Connecting with another person has never been so easy, you only need this mobile app and slideshows to choose who can be your better half. But once you enter the game, the connection may take some time.

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With the quarantine, our lifestyle has changed significantly. Not only in most everyday things, but also in the way we interact with others. Many of them were young men who had just entered the world of dating or “courtship” apps. As the end of the year arrives, Tinder is back with general in criticism, And these are they 10 keys Principles you should follow to get the most out of the app:

commitment? No thank you

It is increasingly evident that people are currently seeking to meet people, while avoiding binding themselves or putting a name or label on their relationships. It’s not just about looking for sporadic flirtations, but traditional relationships are increasingly being left behind. That’s how he was born The stateAccidental relationship in which both parties agree, but with less pressure than the presence of a partner would entail. This year 2022 tinder recorded that a 49% of members have this type of relationship added to their profile.

After the pandemic, we resumed savoring those little activities that we suddenly had to stop doing, even though until then they didn’t seem very attractive to us. little to Travel, Music and Sports The Tinder bios has increased exponentially this year. What does this mean? Well, today, singles prefer the format Less traditional dating but more authentic When meeting new people. Success seems to be found in camping, barbeques, and trying new things or experiences.

He no longer carries alcohol

More and more singles are choosing not to drink alcohol on their dates and joining this very authentic trend. The 72% of Tinder members say on their profiles that they don’t drink or drink occasionally. In fact, globally, so were the alcohol-related emojis Less used In the biographies of users compared to previous years, although it must be recognized that in Spain it is still one of the most used beers.

The adjectives “fun,” “original,” and “bold” are the most searched

We seek to meet people with a good sense of humour, who are clear about what they want and maintain good hygiene, which seems most attractive to us. This is how they expressed it 73% of young singles surveyed by the app about what characteristics they were looking for in a person when it came to doing it matches. Others are highly valued as well. traits such as loyalty, respect or tolerance, giving them more importance than physical appearance.

Take a stand on social issues

Three-quarters of singles are looking for a partner who is respectful or committed to social causes. So much so, that many members have added the LGTBIQ+ tag emoji to their profiles to show off their Group support As interest in the activity increased, in A 84%.

Nostalgia for past trends

Generation Z is inspired by 90s trends, Like the Kids of the ’90sor anime or sport shoes. Tinder has incorporated a new take on traditional blind dating where it groups members before allowing them to view the profile of their future date. In fact, it’s been so successful that this new generation is turning out to be Originality and good vibes that existed before the advent of smartphones.

Awareness of a toxic relationship

Although these types of relationships still exist, the increase in counseling and psychoanalysis about them on social networks has made people aware of what is good or bad about dating. Most young people know Green flags and the red flags In their Tinder meetings, and these two concepts are discussed more and more among users.

Post-pandemic travel revenge

After two years of not being able to travel or doing so with many restrictions, singles are seeking Explore new places. The main destinations selected by users Tinder Passport They were Madrid, Barcelona or London.

Position is a point in favor

Today, the concept of “positivism” refers to “Keep something real” And an increasing number of members are using it to let their matches know exactly what they’re looking for.

Astrology is the most important thing

Amidst so much uncertainty, the singles were directed by the stars. your horoscope It was one of the most popular descriptions users added to their timelines. Their preferences follow when it comes to smoking, keeping pets, or dieting. Moreover, all signs were More possibilities to match their astrological partners.

Now that you know all the remaining love trends this year, write them down and rediscover yourself in the world of dating and flirting apps.

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